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9200 Andermatt Drive 
Suite #5 
Lincoln, NE 68526
(402) 488-1666

Commercial Investment Properties Testimonial


"As one of the principals at Commercial Investment Properties, I had the opportunity to work with Ben (PRC VP) on many multifamily apartment projects in Lincoln and Omaha.  It has truly been a pleasure to work with Ben as he possesses the highest level of integrity and good character.  I could always count on him to do what he said and to say what he means.  He exceeded my expectations in many circumstances, the most pleasing of which were when he would come in under budget on the construction projects. 

I also have had the opportunity to see Ben at work on a less macro level and in the field.  He is confident and competent possessing strong organizational skills and the ability to make decisions quickly but most important, making the best decision for the project and its owners.

Ben is someone I have the utmost confidence in and appreciation for his extremely high levels of character, competence and consideration of others.”  ~ Tom Schleich, CEO