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9200 Andermatt Drive 
Suite #5 
Lincoln, NE 68526
(402) 488-1666

Story of PRC



PRC was created with enthusiasm and passion, by joining the minds of Craig Reid, Ben Velinsky, Alex Perry, and Angie Welton.  Established in 2017, the PRC vision was to create a general contracting company that would value its employees like trusted family, and serve its customers like a respected friend.

Ben is a UNL graduate in construction management with over 25 years of construction experience as a project manager working directly with owners, engineers, architects & subcontractors. Craig adds 25 years of experience in all facets of real estate, including property management, development, construction management, and financing. Angie brings 20 years of real estate and construction accounting and CFO experience, while Alex brings 15 years of experience in all areas of real estate, with a focus on real estate development and construction management. Collectively, these four have built a business-friendship that began in 2007, the motto grew to be “happy employees = happy customers”. To complete the team, they included friend/colleague Quentin Stradal who has been a construction superintendent for over 20 years.


The PRC Family combined their knowledge to create an immeasurable team with the belief that “Satisfied employees are the foundation for happy customers and an enjoyable workforce”.  A family-owned and operated business is their way to give back to their families, friends & community.


Their purpose is to view every project as top priority.  Communication, budget and deadlines are the keys to serving their customers.  “Customers will love a company after the employees love it first.”